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Sony PLP-91/D
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manualSony PLP-91/D

Universal Pitch-Adjustable Wall Mount

For Flat Panel Display PLP-91/D

Your new Wall Mount (PLP-91/D) is a quick disconnect
mounting system with adjustability between 0 and
15 degrees pitch. The optional lateral shift bracket
(PAC-125) allows 4” lateral shift on either side of a 16”
center stud or spans a 24” on center stud system.
Once the Universal Flat Panel Display Wall Mount
Bracket is attached to your display, simply attach the
mount securely on a wall, lock the display in place using
the convenient Q-latch, and attach your audio/video
The PLP-91/D is virtually invisible when your display is
Secures Display
Can Be Used to
Lock Display
Caution: To prevent damage to the PLP-91/D, which could affect or void the Factory warranty, and to the equipment
that will be attached to it, thoroughly study all instructions and illustrations before you begin the installation. Pay par-
ticular attention to the “Important Warnings and Precautions” on Page 1.
The mount is designed to be installed using wall studs or supporting framework. The fasteners used to anchor the mount must
be capable of supporting five times the total weight of the equipment.
The maximum weight to be installed on the Universal Pitch-Adjustable Wall Mount is 125 pounds (56.7 Kg).
Sony Electronics Inc. 8805-000087
1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656



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PLP-91/D | PLP-91/D
Soporte de panel plano
Manual de usuario (PDF)
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